Thursday, December 03, 2009


it's been almost 2 months since i've been here, and i think this is the last post ever i'll put up here.

this blog has been running for, 5 years of my life? thats a long time, and a lot had happened, some recorded, others not. but as jaren once told me "it's time to grow up" so it's time for a change.

i'm starting my pre-registration consolidated posting (PRCP) on 7th dec, and that by itself is a huge change. i'll be experiencing things and performing procedures that will be understood more by fellow colleagues than the layman, especially since i'm posted to a specialized area. which is why i'm shutting this blog down.

i'll still be posting here, and you're welcome to visit if you still wanna know what i'm up to.

hmm..actually i'm not too sure who will be since i dont know who else still reads this blog cos of my non-posting.

but if you do, just come along for a new ride, and if you're starting your PRCP soon too, all the best!

thank you and good night